Our Team

Christopher J. Miller

Event Producer & Sponsorship Sales

Christopher John Miller is the founder and event manager of the Urban Artist Market. He has owned and operated Rainmaker Advertising, a marketing and visual communications firm, which has specialized in attendee campaigns and event promotion for more than 20 years.

As an artist who specializes in acrylic and mixed-media, he has had numerous art shows, several of which were located in Addison, Texas. He has experimented with mixed-media, graphite, chalk and crayon, and matte-finished acrylics on canvas, wood and Strathmore 500 Bristol Board.

He believes that painting is a spiritual expression which reflects his current vibration and belief systems. Examples of his work can be found at Prints of his work are available on

If you have any questions about exhibiting or sponsorship of the event, please feel free to contact Chris via email.

Christopher J. Miller

Danielle Caldwell Ranson

LIVE & ONLINE Exhibitor Chair

Danielle Caldwell Ranson is serving as an Exhibitor Chair for the Urban Artist Market. In addition to being an incredibly talented jewelry designer, she has a wealth of experience exhibiting at a variety of shows throughout the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Danielle will be scouting for new and exciting artists to participate in this year’s event. If you’re interested in participating in the Urban Artist Market as an exhibitor please feel free to contact her via email.

Danielle Caldwell Ranson

Martha Boles

ONLINE Exhibitor Chair

Marthalee Boles is an intuitive artist who creates gallery quality jewelry utilizing eclectic materials; including gemstones, unique focal pieces and a variety of metals. Marthalee has participated in numerous juried shows over many years, during which she also co-created boutique art shows “Art With a Cause”, which benefitted a variety of non-profits.

Martha Boles


LIVE Exhibitor Chair

Kimberly Kort believes that the rules are there are no rules. Every day is a new discovery of colors, shapes, and beauty. The world has always been a canvas for her the past five years. Kimberly expresses her views through acrylic fluid art movement. Fluid art helped calm the debilitating migraines that she had suffered for years. The paint spilling out then forms into a beautiful expressive creation.

Nature is one of the main inspirations for what pours out of each cup of paint. Kimberly likes her art to evoke different emotions and each time people see it they can interpret it differently based on their current feelings. One of her goals is that her paintings provide a brain escape to get into a deeper thinking of what the eyes see and how the mind deciphers it. Abstract art is left on the canvas and each viewer can see the many different things they want.

Kimberly Kort sits on the boards of Texas Jewish Art Association at the Secretary and the Richardson Civic Art Society at a Chairperson for programs. She belongs to the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco and the Plano Art Association.

Her work has hung in Wylie Art Gallery, and currently is on a solo exhibition at Dunn Brothers Coffee Café. She also has works at Studio Art House, and online at All Artwork Gallery. She also has a gallery store on URBAN ARTIST MARKET ONLINE.

Jennifer England

Media Chair

“As a highly sought-after media strategist for multiple advertising agencies and direct clients for the past 27 years, Jennifer England founded 717 Media Group in 2018 in order to put her marketing and media skills and relationships to work for each of her clients. She is driven by her passion and determination to deliver honest, strategic and fully transparent media plans and buys. Jennifer views her greatest professional accomplishment as truly integrating and being a vital part of each client’s marketing team. For 717 Media Group, business is not a transaction, but a chance to partner with brands and create success for each client.

Jennifer England