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Meloddities Music

Mark’s “Meloddities” combine elements of depression-era tramp or folk art with the love of playing music. These are one-of-a-kind functional, playable art pieces using reclaimed, re-purposed “found” objects so they become impossible to mass produce or replicate. Many of the pieces incorporate used cigar boxes and antique violin cases along with hand-tooled or hand-carved wood. About the artist.

I made this video to demonstrate that decent music can actually be made on home made instruments, and to showcase some of my builds that were used exclusively in this recording. This is an original song called “Self Made.” OK…Music Nerds can continue reading. Video: The instruments used in the video and audio recording were my builds. Only home made instruments were used. No “traditional” or “real” instruments were used. I opted to show the instruments being “played” as opposed to still shots. The video was shot on a Samsung A10 cell phone. I used Davinci Resolve software (PC) to edit. Audio: The audio recording used all of the instruments featured in the video. Obviously the audio was recorded separately I used only an iPad, GarageBand app, Audio Technica 4040 mic and Focusrite iOS interface.