Zim Ibwe Sculptures

Aron Kapembeza

Aron Kapembeza is one of Zimbabwe’s most talented stone sculpture artists. He discovered his talent at the early age of 18.

Aron was mentored by Colleen Madamombe, a seasoned and renowned stone sculptor. She taught him how to appreciate details of nature, the rudiments of sculpting, and to perfect his craftsmanship, which would later on allow him to venture into his own style. She encouraged him to carve larger stones and this sparked a prolific desire in Aron to broaden his desire to create unique sculptures that tell a story. His passion for the human figures has made him develop his own expressive style, womanhood from tender ages to motherhood, and this can be seen in a wide range of gorgeous sculptures ranging from stylized to representational in the gallery.

He sold his first professional artwork at the age of eighteen. He is one of the stone sculptors to have a solo exhibition in Netherlands, Europe, and the first sculptor to give lessons in Europe.

In July 2007, Aron travelled to Netherlands and worked at the renowned studio Gallery De Buffel for three months. Aron’s work has been exhibited in major exhibitions in Zimbabwe and internationally. Aron recently exhibited at Dallas Arboretum as part of the Zim Sculpt.

Aron finds sculpting as a deep natural experience to carve, and he is constantly amazed and excited about the discoveries that can be found in Zimbabwean hard black spring stone, as well as opal stone. He often uses the outer blanket of the stones and designs various styles to contrast with polished surfaces.

Aron’s knowledge and skill has helped to influence and inspire local Zimbabwean and international sculptor apprentices. Aron is passionate about his work, and is interested in sharing with patrons. He is very approachable and welcomes inquiries.