Purplelis Jewelry

Frances Webb
Healing Art

After 30 years designing interior completions for world class aerospace leaders, Frances turn her designing experience and childhood imagination world into a jewelry business of  healing art. Growing up in Seattle, Washington, she discovered a city of crystals underneath the wooden stairs leading up to the front door of her parent’s home. In between those wooden stairs she saw pretty, sparkly crystals that seem to invite her into a much different captivating world. However after several years of time spent in her imaginary crystal city, it was diminished.

In 2016,  Khadirah El-Bey suggested that Frances should look into starting a business creating handmade jewelry along side her husband. Frances started off bending copper wire. As she became more comfortable with copper wire, she incorporated those sparkly crystals from her childhood. Once Frances became familiar with healing properties of crystals and stones, her mission became Purplelis Jewelry, with a emphasis on wearable healing art.

Most of her pieces are created using copper wire, but she also works with silver and brass. Some of her signature collection include: I Luv My Hair 9 Ether, Pretty & Pink and HerStory. She savors the moments watching customers enjoy the Purplelis experience.