OdO Art

OdO Art

Tom O’Donnell
Fused Glass

Tom O’Donnell is an artist based out of Houston, Texas. OdO creates a unique multi level process using glass as his primary medium.

His inspiration is in making his art 4 dimensional and fluid which, is unlike canvas. His art changes with light and perspective-as you move. His artwork is unique in that it’s appearance changes based on the environment surrounding it, personalizing it to where it is placed.

OdO has a building and design background, working with top designers and architects for 25 years. He earned many awards as a home builder. His favorite project was a 13,000 square foot home featured on the cover of Texas Monthly where the spark for his artistic creativity ignited.

Working with stained glass and natural elements, OdO has been able to create natural, wood and glass works, as well as living art, sold across the U.S. over the last 20 years. His multi-faceted process shows his true passion for this art form. OdO strives to create new processes which push the limit of his imagination with each new piece created. His work continues to evolve into new and exciting expressions of his vision.