Kwame Baah Footwear

Kwame Baah Footwear

George Baah

Kwame Baah Brand’s founder, George Kwame Baah, grew up in Ghana under impoverished conditions. He was blessed to make it to the USA as an adult, where he attended university and got a job as an engineer. Whenever he visited his family in Ghana, his desire grew to find an avenue to help raise them out of poverty. Recollecting his childhood experience of making his own shoes from recycled tires, he was inspired to begin a shoe company. His vision was to design shoes and employ men and women in Ghana to handcraft them for the US market.

Thus, in 2011, Kwame Baah Brand was founded with the mission to provide sustainable, economically just employment for skilled artisans in Ghana. We blend contemporary design with traditional fabrics from Ghana producing quality handcrafted footwear that are comfortable, stylish, durable and affordable. 

Kwame Baah trains artisans from George’s hometown, Akim-Oda, and nearby regions to make sandals and accessories following his own designs. Currently we have eleven artisans that handcraft our designs at our workshop in Ghana. The living wage that this job provides for our employees has enabled them to improve their lives dramatically. Beyond being able to pay their bills and put decent food on the table, many have been able to rebuild marriage relationships that had been eroding due to financial hardship and are now providing their children with quality education.

We equip each footwear with a soft and comfortable insole that molds to your feet over time. Each sole is handcrafted from recycled tire to support our environment.  We source all our leather from the USA and Italy.  In addition to the genuine leather, we use the colorful, handwoven fabric of Ghana called Kente. Due to the varying designs in this fabric, no two sandals turn out looking exactly alike.  There may even be variations within a pair, which lend a unique, asymmetrical pattern to our footwear.

When you enjoy the comfort and fashion of wearing Kwame Baah sandals, you can also enjoy the knowledge that lives have been significantly improved by your purchase.