Key J

Key J

Jeannette Key
Handmade Key and Steampunk Jewelry

KEY J was founded on the famous Portabella Road in London. On a table lay a large glorious antique British key. Jeannette bought it and some leather. A rough made necklace was put around her Mother’s neck, who clutched the key tightly with both hands, closed her eyes and wept.

That moment haunted Jeannette for months. How could a key create such an effect? Finally, she was driven to research. The history and symbolism discovered was vast, interesting and inspiring. At her very first showing, she was astounded by just how many people are truly affected by and crave keys.

Now, it’s more than simple keys. Finding uncommon everyday historical items from around the world and creating wearable art is what inspires Jeannette. The old, rare, unique, historical and natural are combined to enhance each other. Researching and sharing the history is still a passion.

Jeannette Teel has a studio with Millhouse Foundation located in the historic McKinney Cotton Mill. 

Life before KEY J includes playing in the sand on the northeast coast, boarding school, corporate work, travel and a glorious marriage to a gentleman from Texas.