Ecstatic Art Studio 

Danielle Caldwell Ranson
Glass Artist

While I am a multimedia artist, my current passion, perhaps addiction, is glass. It wasn’t love at first sight, but rather a sudden inspiration in October 2012 that led me to explore glass and make Christmas gifts for my unsuspecting family. After that, I knew I was hooked! 

There’s nothing like the timelessness I feel in exploring the possibilities, the thrill of opening the kiln, and the wonder at the surprises it holds. I can use the same basic ingredients (sheets of colored glass, crushed glass of varying sizes called frit, glass threads called stringers, silver and copper foil, etc.) and the results after firing may have similarities, but are unique and wonderful with their own expression. As with life, I’ve learned not to jump to conclusions as some of the least inspiring pieces at first glance may become my favorites when I look a little deeper… consider all the multilayered aspects, add a little shaping, fire polishing, and finishing work. 

5% of the proceeds go to Rasur Foundation International (RFI) which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching a social and emotional skill for a more connected world. By carrying out this mission, RFI will realize its vision of a world where every person practices the art of connection and passes this gift to the next generation.