Cobalt Creations Co.

Cobalt Creations Co.

Debe Frazer
Fused Glass

Debe’s fused glass designs stem from the love of color. There are so many shades and tones of color, designing art pieces is like picking colors from an enormous box of crayons. Debe got started with glass by mere accident, while trying to find something for her son to do during a school holiday. A small fused glass class was making magnets and she has been hooked ever since, her son not so much.

She is inspired by the color combinations that can be accomplished while fusing. She loves learning new techniques, experimenting and combining both her knowledge of how glass moves and flows with the reactions between the chemical properties themselves of the individual glass types.

Debe designs items from jewelry to house wares like plates, bowls and spoon rests, not to mention sun catchers and an assortment of uniquely designed clocks. In addition to those items, she designs art pieces that can be displayed anywhere around your home or office.

If you’re looking to see some of her latest creations or work in progress, she has creations at the Last Art Gallery in downtown McKinney and you can always follow her on Facebook and Instagram.