CMT Creations

Christine Thornton
Thread Art

Chris Thornton was born and raised in Maine — you can see the influence it gave her in her creations. She studied under Japanese Master Ekio McKissick in 1980 in Charleston, SC. With the influence of her “Aunt Louise”, she has loved creating beautiful silhouettes for the past 30 years.

The “lili” thread she uses, makes it possible to blend the different shades and colors, so that the picture looks like an oil painting. She has been teaching Japanese thread art for 30 years and has been in several art galleries.

Chris is a multi-media Artist. Her talent you can see in all her creations, whether it is ceramics, making and designing of fine jewelry, painting scenery or framing. Chris does her own framing of all her art work. She says “you do not want the frame to draw your attention, you want the frame to be a part of your art.”

Chris can create a custom piece of art for your special moment or memory.