Art by Mary Frei

Mary Frei
Abstract Artist

Mary Frei is an abstract artist and art educator who lives in Richardson, Texas. Over the years Mary’s art has transformed several times, with each transition becoming less realistic and more abstract. The inspirations for her artwork include her love of nature, travel and artists from the past. You will often find bold colorful pallets in her work, but she still loves to work with a neutral palette when she wants to invoke a quiet and peaceful feeling.

Presently, Mary is working primarily with the mediums of cold wax and oils or acrylics. She also has a great love for creating artwork using mixed media. The substrates she prefers range from paper, to wood panels, to canvases. And she often includes a lot of design and mark making in her work.

Besides creating art, Mary enjoys sharing her love for art with her students, including teaching the art styles from the artists of the past and present who were great risk takers. It is said that she has an innate ability to touch the lives of her students through art in a way that is memorable, valuable, and special.