Evergreen Turning

Jennifer Sciarrino

Evergreen Turning was born from fusing the natural shape of wood with the complexity of hand-poured resin.  This allows artist Jennifer Sciarrino to capture nature’s unique gifts in the form of functional, mesmerizing artwork.

Jennifer began working with wood as a woodturner on a lathe, but soon began incorporating resin into her pieces.  This enables each piece to take on it’s own personality. Jennifer explains, “The resin is truly alive when it interacts with the wood, choosing how to behave by following the wood’s natural curves, creating depth and imagery that speaks to everyone differently.  I couldn’t create the same piece twice if I tried.”

Although stunning on their own, combining the hybrid pieces with LED lighting transforms each one into a completely unique piece of art, evoking an emotional response that always helps them find the right home.

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