How It Works

Are you interested in being part of the Urban Artist Market vendor community? The Urban Artist Market provides a national audience for original creative work from a multitude of disciplines. Here’s what you should know.

Urban Artist Market online is a curated site. Interested artists will need to submit a $25 Request for Consideration fee and complete our online form by clicking on the VENDOR REGISTRATION tab in the top right corner of the site pages and selecting the ONLINE MARKET button. This process includes submitting several images of your work. You can review our membership levels on the FAQ page before deciding to submit for consideration.

After you submit, you will receive an email regarding acceptance and a sign-up link. Remember, your submission requires review by our committee, so that it may take a few days. There are three different membership packages with one yearly fee.

After you select your membership level, we will send you a login and password to access your gallery. Use the VENDOR ACCESS button in the upper right corner of the site to access your gallery.

Once you select your membership level, you can begin building your gallery page. See the FAQ PAGE under ONLINE MARKET QUESTIONS to help you navigate the site, upload images, and so much more. The gallery page includes a multitude of functions, including the ability to load anywhere from 50 to 300 pieces of artwork, link to your social media channels, and the ability to use the USPS shipping calculator.

You pay one yearly fee for membership. Unlike Etsy and eBay, there are no load fees. We drive traffic to your gallery page. Artists can communicate directly with their customers, save them in an exportable database, and are responsible for packing and shipping their art. The Urban Artist Market takes a Final Valuation Fee of no more than 15%, and as low as 9% depending on the membership level selected.

One key factor in our business strategy is promoting a sitewide 20% off sale several times each year. Please price your art accordingly. All work on the site will be eligible for this discount.

What are the criteria for selection?

  1. Our selection committee seeks work that demonstrates proficiency in their discipline and conscious connection to the process when created; no manufactured, mass-produced, or rushed creative work is permitted.
  2. All items must be one-of-a-kind original handmade work completed and ready for display or wearing.
  3. No antiques or vintage (unless reconfigured into new artistic expression) will be accepted.
  4. No crafting supplies, assembly arts, tools, etc., are permitted to be sold on the site. For example, you can’t sell just jewelry chains.
  5. Prints or plates must be numbered, signed, and presented in a limited series of no more than 100. We assure buyers that what they purchase online is as individual as they are.
  6. Artistic work may include mass-produced components, like beadwork; however final piece must be original and one-of-a-kind.