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Urban Artist Market Returns to Addison, Texas For Best of Shows June 12-13, 2021

ADDISON, TEXAS The Urban Artist Market plans their fifth show on June 12-13, 2021, at the Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum by the Galleria. The indoor curated show features the work of more than 50 regional artisans from a variety of disciplines in a COVID-aware environment. “Original art and creative expression build the local economy,” said Producer Christopher J. Miller. “After a challenging 2021, I’m thrilled to be returning the show to Addison, directly on the service road of the North Dallas Tollway at the Belt Line exit.” The Addison show takes place within 15 miles of Frisco, Highland Park, North Dallas, Read More

Musician and Writer Robin Hackett Highlights Her Latest Book, “The Creative You”

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview. Previous guest and musician Robin Hackett returns to share her new book release, The Creative You; a step-by-step guide to recovering that part in you that wants to express creatively. Robin introduces her Fairy God Muse and how she follows her intuition. She explains how many people, especially women, experience an artistic wound in their childhood. As a result, a rowdy cast of characters, including Negative Nelly, take residence in their heads and hold them back from their creativity. The discussion reviews the importance of being in the action of allowing rather than focusing on the Read More

Fiber Artist Cheryl R. Janis Shares Her Highly-Sensitive (HSP) Process

New Mexico Fiber Artist Cheryl R. Janis explains her meditative preparation before weaving, her conscious choice of cruelty-free, ethical fibers, and the use of her intuitive and empathic faculties while weaving. How do we connect with Spirit during the creative process? Does our choice of material carry a consciousness ? As a highly-sensitive person (HSP), Cheryl shares her walk through her “Dark Night of the Soul,” where she cleared past issues and revealed her connection to all that is. She emphasizes the importance of setting a firm intention before beginning work and listening to Spirit’s subtle energies. The conversation includes Read More

Podcaster, Writer and Artist Christopher J. Miller Shares New Book Release, “The Spiritual Artist”

In this episode, Host Christopher J. Miller plays turn-about with recent guest and wordsmith Wilene Dunn. Wilene initiates a dialogue with Chris about his new book, The Spiritual Artist.  Chris also shares his creative expression through the Urban Artist Market and the founding of The Spiritual Artist Podcast. In addition to sharing his journey while writing the book, Chris explains how names separate us from our relationship to  Greater Power and Spiritual Truths, and why he uses the practice of inserting a blank line within the book’s copy to allow the reader to participate by using their name for this Greater Power. What Read More

The Spiritual Artist Podcast

Listen to the newest “The Spiritual Artist Podcast” as Urban Artist Market founder interviews Artist Randy Padorr-Black on creative flow and timelessness. Padorr-Black details his understanding of the timeless state of flow, a portal between two zones, time-space and no time-space where intuition creeps into his creative work. He explains that when an artist creates in that space, they create a “portal piece.” The conversation includes the importance of the meditative state in the creative process. Padorr-Black shares inspiration from Chogyam Trungpa’s book, “Meditation in Action,” and Zen Buddhism, when he was young. He explains how abstract expressionism and Sumi-e Read More