Artist Spotlight

Warm Glass Artist Sue Darte of Darte Art Glass Details Her Creative Process

Sue shares the process behind her gorgeous, functional glass vases, wine bottle holders, and weaved glass platters. Each one-of-a-kind glass creation is the result of a detailed process that includes multiple firings and hand-painted 18K gold. Their organic shapes will delight you. Click here to visit her store.


Jewelry Designer Martha Boles Shares Her Vision Behind Spirit Dolls

Meet jewelry designer Martha Boles as she explores a new art form; sculpture in the form of Spirit Dolls. Spirit Dolls represent iconic states of being; peace, guidance, leadership, protection and much more. They stand by ready to serve and protect their owner. Each Spirit Doll is handmade, original and one of a kind. Click here to visit her store. 


Nuno Felting Fiber Artist Suzanne Morgan Shares Her Production Techniques

Suzanne Morgan shares the creative process behind Nuno Felting Fiber and how she arrives at one-of-a-kind wearable art. Her clothing is comfortable to wear and features soft colors and warm textures. Go here to her online store.