Original Live Market

The Urban Artist Market was founded in October of 2018 with a Live Market held in Addison, Texas. The primary goal of the artisan market is to support the regional artisan community and economy. The curated show features art, pottery, ceramics, digital art, photography, printmaking, fiber art, glass, jewelry, metalwork, mixed media, painting, drawing, sculpture, assemblage, wood, leather and novelty.

The secondary goal of the market is to consciously seek and present work from diverse communities inclusive of race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation and economic equality.

The third goal of the market is to give back to the artistic community by including a social fundraising component during each live event. Each of our shows includes at least one opportunity to raise awareness and support diversity in the arts.

New Online Market

In the summer of 2020, the Urban Artist Market expanded their services to include an Online Market in addition to their Live Market. The goal of Urban Artist Market Online is to provide a global marketplace for one-of-a-kind, original artistic creations.

All work presented through the online community is original and handmade. Prints or plates must be numbered, signed and presented in a limited series of no more than 100. Buyers can be assured that what they purchase online is as individual as they are. Artists interested in applying to the online market are asked to complete a consideration form and apply for representation.

The Urban Artist Market serves the artisan community by providing them with a friendly, high-quality LIVE and/or ONLINE marketplace in which to sell their work directly to the art lover. Discover how art changes the world. Discover Urban Artist Market.