Poet and Artist Leonor Alvim Brazao Shares the Joy of Letting Go

Multimedia artist and Educator Leonor Alvim Brazao combines drawing and poetry to create a visual message about life, our experience through women, and the creative process. She explains how drawing was her original form of communication as a shy child and expanded into music and drawing. Her technique includes doodling marks or “monsters” with one flowing line while genuinely seeing the world around her. Her mentor advises to never stop doodling because these marks are unique to you and no one else.

Content includes the reciting of several poems, including The Line#metoo, and Motherhood from the book titled, “Women – Illustrated Poetry.”  The conversation includes a discussion of Leonor’s poem titled Marielle, which speaks of Marielle Franco, a Brazilian politician, sociologist, feminist, and human rights activist who was protesting police brutality at the time of her assassination.

Leonor attains a very organic look with her drawings by using graphite pencils and water soluble graphite. She softens the edges with multiple layers of ink with water.

According to Leonor, life is about the importance of letting go and starts by listening to yourself. The podcast ends with a reading of Enigmas from her book, “Flight,” and reveals the process of finding your voice. Purchase Leonor’s books on Amazon.com and visit her website at www.brazao.com 

Listen to the Podcast HERE.

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