Musician and Writer Robin Hackett Highlights Her Latest Book, “The Creative You”

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Previous guest and musician Robin Hackett returns to share her new book release, The Creative You; a step-by-step guide to recovering that part in you that wants to express creatively.

Robin introduces her Fairy God Muse and how she follows her intuition. She explains how many people, especially women, experience an artistic wound in their childhood. As a result, a rowdy cast of characters, including Negative Nelly, take residence in their heads and hold them back from their creativity.

The discussion reviews the importance of being in the action of allowing rather than focusing on the finished product and how “thinking disturbs the flow of creativity.”

As an artist, we are in service to others and touching their lives. The podcast ends with Robin’s seven-step process; remember, release, reclaim, reconnect, receive, rejoice and repeat. For more information on Robin’s albums and books, visit

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.

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