Podcaster, Writer and Artist Christopher J. Miller Shares New Book Release, “The Spiritual Artist”

In this episode, Host Christopher J. Miller plays turn-about with recent guest and wordsmith Wilene Dunn. Wilene initiates a dialogue with Chris about his new book, The Spiritual Artist.  Chris also shares his creative expression through the Urban Artist Market and the founding of The Spiritual Artist Podcast.

In addition to sharing his journey while writing the book, Chris explains how names separate us from our relationship to  Greater Power and Spiritual Truths, and why he uses the practice of inserting a blank line within the book’s copy to allow the reader to participate by using their name for this Greater Power.

What is that power that we connect with when creating? How can we practice revealing that consciousness within? In his book, Chris suggests a process to achieve this state. As the interviewer, Wilene invites him to highlight one of his favorite chapters, The Intelligence of Being, where he explains that everyone has a unique creative expression, whether they are conscious of its presence or not.

After Chris shares his Spiritual Life Coach training at A Center for Spiritual Living in Dallas, the interview closes. According to Chris, “Everyone is special and worthy in Spirit.” For more information, visit www.spiritualartisttoday.com

Click here to listen to the interview.

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